Our team made us proud

The Eastern Cape climbing team’s performance at the 2023 National Selections in KwaZulu-Natal filled our province with pride. Their passion and determination were evident as they tackled challenging climbs, supported one another, and exuded incredible energy. Their success was a testament to their rigorous training and unwavering dedication.

Congratulations are in order for the podium winners and every participant who competed shoulder to shoulder with the country’s best climbers. The event’s success was also thanks to the organizers and sponsors who created an exceptional outdoor climbing arena, enhancing the audience’s involvement and energy.

This event not only showcased exceptional talent but also highlighted the spirit of unity and sportsmanship within the climbing community. It serves as a powerful inspiration for future competitions and the continued growth of the sport. Here’s to the Eastern Cape climbing team and all participants, marking a significant milestone in the world of climbing.