Meet Joey Johnson, the only Eastern Cape Climber to qualify for the 2023 IFSC Youth Worlds Championship in Seoul South Korea

In an exciting development for the climbing community in South Africa, Joseph Johnson, a talented young athlete from Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, is all set to proudly represent his country at the upcoming IFSC Youth World Climbing Championships in South Korea. As a member of the South African National Climbing Federation’s sport climbing team, Joseph, fondly known as Joey, aims to put Eastern Cape Climbing on the international map.

Joey’s passion for climbing, both indoors and outdoors, is palpable. He finds exhilaration in the challenges climbing presents, pushing his body to its limits and testing his mental fortitude. 

He says “I love both outdoor climbing, the nature, fresh air, and a healthy dose of fear that forces me to be fully focused and indoor climbing which gives me the freedom to experiment with big jumps, bat hangs, campus moves without the risk of too many broken bones, in both you climb but in different ways”

 For Joey, climbing is not just a sport; it’s a way of life, a vibrant community that has shaped him into the athlete he is today.

The prospect of representing South Africa at the prestigious IFSC World Champs is a dream come true for Joey. Wearing the colors of his country, meeting athletes from around the world, and pushing himself to the absolute maximum, fills him with a sense of wonder and excitement. For the Eastern Cape, this achievement is particularly significant, as Joey stands as the sole representative from the region at the World Championships.

“I love the pressure and need to be focused, strong and ready that comes with climbing competitively.” he says. 

Joey’s journey has not gone unnoticed. The Chairman of Eastern Cape Climbing expressed immense pride and has the following to say “As Chairman of Eastern Cape Climbing, I am thrilled to see Joseph Johnson representing South Africa at the IFSC Climbing Youth World Champs in South Korea in August. 

Joey’s remarkable climbing skills and unwavering dedication have rightfully earned him the opportunity to compete on the global stage. As the only Eastern Cape representative heading to the World Champs, Joey exemplifies the spirit of our region’s climbers – tenacious, passionate, and ready to conquer new challenges. 

We proudly rally behind Joey, knowing that he will showcase the talent and potential of South African climbers to the world. His journey serves as an inspiration for our entire climbing community, and we wish him the very best as he embarks on this incredible adventure.”

Supporting Joey on this incredible adventure is his coach, Jay-D Muller, an experienced climber and manager of the Valley Crag indoor climbing center.

 “Joey is a natural talent on the walls, strong in mind and strong in heart. His love and dedication to climbing, shows and he has proven that whatever you put your mind to, you can achieveā€ 

To fundraise for his journey, Joey has launched his own coffee brand called FLEX Focus, roasted by none other than himself. As the primary Roaster for the Death by Coffee Roastery, Joey’s coffee serves as a testament to his dedication and ambition. He welcomes sponsors for his journey and encourages support from the climbing community and beyond.

For those eager to follow Joey’s progress, his journey to the World Championships can be tracked on his social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, all under the handle @joeyjohnsonclimber.

Joey Johnson proud to wear South African Colours


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