Introduction evening to ECC committee and team

July 2023 was a momentous month for climbers in the Eastern Cape as the newly established Eastern Cape Climbing Committee organized an eagerly anticipated and successful information evening. The event served as a platform for the committee to share their innovative ideas, exciting developments, and ambitious plans to support and uplift climbers across the region.

The setting for the evening was perfect as it took place at the Valley Crag Indoor Climbing Centre, a place known for its unwavering support for the climbing community. The indoor climbing facility’s management was generous enough to host the event, ensuring that attendees had access to excellent facilities and a vibrant atmosphere.

One of the highlights of the evening was the delicious food platters sponsored by the Harbour Master. It was a thoughtful gesture, as everyone knows how hungry climbers can get after an exhilarating climbing session. The spread not only filled stomachs but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the attendees, who indulged in conversations and shared their passion for climbing.

The turnout at the information evening was remarkable, with enthusiastic climbers from across the Eastern Cape attending, along with their families, and even newcomers who were eager to learn more about the sport. This diverse gathering showcased the broad appeal and growing interest in climbing within the region.

Samesh Naidoo, the chairman of the Eastern Cape Climbing Committee, delivered an inspiring and passionate speech, outlining the committee’s vision and mission to create an environment where climbers of all levels can thrive. He emphasized the benefits of becoming and Eastern Cape member and how the volunteer committee hope to support the climbers, grow sport climbing in the province and sustainability in promoting climbing as a sport and recreational activity.

The head coach, Jay-D Muller, took the stage next, captivating the audience with his vast knowledge and experience in climbing. He discussed the committee’s plans to establish training programs, workshops, and mentoring initiatives to nurture the talents of aspiring climbers and elevate the skills of seasoned climbers to new heights.

khangelanikota Sands and Rushka Johnson, part of the media and marketing team, shared their comprehensive marketing strategy to raise awareness about climbing opportunities in the Eastern Cape. Their vision included social media campaigns, community engagement events, and partnerships with local businesses to promote the sport and attract more enthusiasts.

The information evening not only provided valuable insights into the committee’s plans but also offered a chance for climbers to voice their opinions, ask questions, and provide feedback. The interactive nature of the event reinforced the committee’s commitment to involving the climbing community in shaping the future of the sport in the region.

As the evening drew to a close, there was a palpable sense of optimism and excitement in the air. The attendees left with a renewed passion for climbing and a sense of unity, knowing that they were part of a vibrant and supportive climbing community in the Eastern Cape.

Looking ahead, the future indeed looks bright for climbers in the region. With the Eastern Cape Climbing Committee’s dedication, support from Valley Crag Indoor Climbing Centre, and the collective enthusiasm of climbers and their families, there is no doubt that the sport will continue to flourish and reach new heights in the coming years. Climbing in the Eastern Cape has found a strong foundation and is set to become a beacon of inspiration for climbing communities worldwide.


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