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Welcome to Eastern Cape Climbing, where we are dedicated to fostering the growth of competitive climbing in our region.

We would like to provide opportunities to train and compete on a National and International level with SANCF – the South African Climbing Federation

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The Support

The inspiration

Our journey has been greatly influenced by the presence of Valley Crag Indoor Climbing Centre in Port Elizabeth. Under the guidance of Jay-D Muller, the manager of Valley Crag, we have witnessed the remarkable development of athletes who have not only excelled in national competitions but also made their mark on the international climbing scene. We express our sincere gratitude to Valley Crag and Jay-D Muller for their invaluable contribution to the growth of climbing in the Eastern Cape.

The Champs

In 2022, we celebrated a significant milestone as one of our athletes,
Matthew Grunewald, represented our region at the prestigious
World Championship Climbing event held in Dallas.
This accomplishment showcased the immense talent and potential
that exists within our climbing community.
Looking ahead to 2023, we are thrilled to have Joey Johnson
as part of the South African Climbing team, proudly competing
in South Korea.

And to top it off – 2024 – Aniya Holder qualifies as the African Speed Climbing Champion to represent at the Paris Olympics.

These achievements not only bring recognition
to our climbers but also serve as inspiration for aspiring
athletes in the Eastern Cape.

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